F R E E S H I P P I N G on 3+ Jars!

You asked and we listened. Free Shipping on 3 or more jars. FOREVER! No promo code needed.

First of all, thank you to all those who took the time to chat with me and share your valuable feedback! Nothing makes me happier than to sit down and listen to you share your experience and stories. I got especially emotional hearing about elderly folks and kids that were able to overcome weight struggles and chronic illnesses through a big shift in nutrition. This hits close to home as it reminds me of my own personal story. I love that our snack can become a part of your new journey towards a healthier, more vibrant life!

With that said, one of the biggest hurdles our loyal customers shared was the cost of shipping. While this is no surprise to us, we decided to make a big decision and cover most of the shipping cost. This was a tough decision because between the heavy weight of our coconut butters and the fragility of our glass jars, our shipping prices will not likely decrease. It's a big investment we're willing to make in hopes of sharing our coconut butters with the world so that anyone and everyone can enjoy a great, healthy treat! From now on, our shipping rates will be $4.99 and FREE if you purchase 3 or more!

Also, in case you missed the last newlsetter, our Cashew Cookie Butter is BACK! No added sugar, making it Keto friendly, Whole 30 approved, Low Carb and Paleo! We're pretty excited about this one and hope you love it as much as we do!

Looking for a fun recipe to try with this one? Our Chocolate Coconut Stuffed Dates are a fan favorite!

If you'd like to share your feedback and experience with our products, please respond to this email. I'm always happy to chat!

Have a great week!


Our newest flavor is...



If you guessed it, then pat yourself on the back! Woohoo! Cashew Cookie Butter is coming back {next week} and we are SO excited for it! For those of you who are not familiar with this one, it's simply the best combination of flavors out there with NO added sugars!

We first created this flavor a couple of years ago when we received a lot of requests for a Whole 30 compliant option. While we think plain coconut butters are a great alternative, we thought we could make a fun flavored version that was naturally sweet and enjoyable without the sugar. Once we made it, we quickly realized we were onto something BIG! Not only is this flavor a decadent treat, but it's also naturally sweet and actually tastes better without the added sweeteners. We are so happy to announce it's finally back!

How it's made:

We start by roasting the cashews lightly, just enough to enhance the nutty flavor and creamy texture. Then, we lightly roast the unsweetened coconut to add depth of flavor. We combine the cashews and coconut and grind them up slowly until we get the smoothest, creamiest consistency of all our nut butters. The cashews are wonderful here! Finally, we add a little vanilla extract, some cinnamon and top it off with our favorite, himalayan sea salt! We mix in all these ingredients until we get the perfect combination and then it's bottled up and ready to ship to you and your spoon!

We are big fans of this one, and hope you will be too! We are now launching it for Pre Orders* with FREE Shipping on 3+ jars!

Start shopping here! Please note, our sampler pack and 10-pack will include this new flavor so they will not be shipped until it gets here!

Thank you and enjoy!

Nikki + Andrew

*We hope to get these jars in by next week to ship out immediately on 2/14.

11 Valentine's Day Recipes for a Paleo, Vegan, Low Carb Holiday


Usually, Andrew and I don't really take this holiday very seriously and we'll just celebrate with a pack of dark chocolate peanut butter cups (Justins, in case you're wondering) and a glass of wine. Simple, but not really special and definitely not something we think about or plan. This year, I've actually got something sweet up my sleeve. I wanted to share some ideas so you too, can have a special, romantic day with your sweetheart! And if you're flying solo, maybe it's a special day to focus on you and splurge on something that makes you happy!

I love making treats and Andrew loves chocolate, so my treats for him are usually one of these below. I meant to share 10, but couldn't hold back on adding an extra so here you go: 11 Valentine's Day Ideas to make! **For a low carb treat, adjust the sweetness level on these recipes. They're intended to be sweet enough for most palates, but chances are, if you're here reading this, they might be a tad too sweet**

Salted Almond Chocolate Coconut Candy Bites- The crazy long name says it all! Pair these with some truffles for a fun box of chocolates.

Paleo Brookies- Paleo Brownie + Cookie (pictured above). Soft and chewy and oh so worth it!

Single Serve Chocolate Chip Brookie- Topped with ice cream, this one is one of my top five desserts! Also, great for those of us with portion control issues..

Vanilla Roasted Strawberry Crepes- Breakfast in bed, anyone? Paired with a tasty coffee, this one will make them feel extra special the minute they wake up!

Dark Chocolate Mint Mocha- to go with that breakfast in bed!

Heart Shaped Brownies- These are some of our favorites! The hazelnut flour is great for this one!

Pumpkin Cookie Dough Balls- We're obsessed with our Pumpkin flavor, so for those who are equally pumpkin crazy, this one's for you!

Healthy Almond Joys- These candies are a more traditional Valentine's Day treat! And absolutely tasty!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries- The easiest recipe to make. ever. Enjoy with some bubbly!

Coconut Butter Cups! Our most popular recipe. Your Valentine will love you even more after trying these!

Chocolate Coconut Butter Bon Bons- These are like a box of chocolates! Totally fun to make and really tasty!

I hope you enjoy making these and love the taste of your creations! Please tag us in anything you make and post! We love sharing! @nikkiscoconutbutter

Thoughts on the first year of motherhood and owning a business

Okay, I know what you're thinking. 'Nikki, this isn't a mom blog!' But hear me out. There's a golden nugget or two in here somewhere. Or maybe it's just a memo for my future self and baby #2 or maybe, just maybe, another mom or entrepreneur can relate to something here. I'd like to think we all go through a moment of retrospecting in January and looking at our last year. For me it happens to coincide with my baby's birth 1.17.17 so the changes this past year are huge! I've learned so many lessons, have grown a lot and have become a better person along with it. 

Letting Go. This is the very first lesson my baby boy taught me. There are just some things we cannot control. Let go and let them be. Control your reactions and your emotions around them, but let go of having to control them. I laugh at my thought of 'working when the baby sleeps'. I cannot believe I actually thought I'd be able to get 6 hours of uninterrupted focus and work that matters each day. Grandmas are the best. Nannies and childcare are amazing. Without the tribe I have, I truly wouldn't be able to do all this! Okay, back to the point. You go in with a plan and very quickly realize things aren't going to go that way. Letting go and adapting is a huge lesson learned from Day 1.

Patience. I think this is one of the toughest. Baby-led feeding is never going to be mess-free. The thing is, he loves feeding himself and feeling the different textures. He enjoys looking at each piece of food and studies it thoroughly. He absolutely loves running his hands through his hair when he's all done. All I can do is sip my coffee quietly, smile and enjoy the show. I think as entrepreneurs, we tend to work pretty hard and forget that not everyone else operates like this or has the flexibility to make decisions quickly. Learning to be patient and plan for delays has been huge. 

Compassion. The boo boos, the diaper rashes, fevers, stomach aches and all of the other aches and pains are something that he's experiencing, not me. I can be frustrated and slightly annoyed that he's whining so much, or I can be compassionate and understanding and put myself in his shoes. Why is he upset? Is there anything I can do to relieve him? How can I help him work through this pain (teething!)? This translates well into customer service issues here at Nikki's Coconut Butter. How can I relate to this customer and how can I help them have the best experience possible? 

Motivation. I know that I am a better person because of this little human. I wake up each morning wanting to be the best version of myself and doing my very best to be a good role model for him. Most of you may not know this, but right through my entire pregnancy and up until our due date, I worked 7 days a week in production. Yes, my small team and I had a lot of work on our hands with machines that worked well, but making small batches. In that time I had found a wonderful company to partner with to make our products, but I was afraid we couldn't meet their minimums. I was afraid that we would get stuck with thousands of jars of coconut butter that we wouldn't be able to sell. I was afraid of failing. Sure enough, we knew the baby was coming and something had to change. That was the catalyst to the biggest change in NCB this past year. This business couldn't rely on me anymore on that aspect of the operation and I had to give up some control. Our first batch of production arrived the same day my baby was born. Letting go of the fear and embracing the change allowed us to a. spend time with our newborn b. enjoy each moment without the pressure of going back to work and c. focus on my strengths and areas of the biz that I'm passionate about, like sharing our story here! He gave me that extra push I needed to move forward.

Persistance. You know you've got a tough battle when you're facing a tiny human with your DNA and a toy they absolutely want to play with, which also happens to be your computer/work/business/first baby. It's a tough battle for sure. He's strong willed and determined and gets pretty upset when we take things away from him, but perhaps that's a strength to admire. Hopefully, instead of suppressing this, I can help guide him so I don't diminish this determination and fire within him. Hopefully, this turns into a quality that will help him thrive as he grows. And perhaps, I can learn from him and really fight for the change I want in the food industry.

2017 was a wonderful year for us. We grew in so many ways and learned so much. I can now add Mommy to my list of titles and that feels pretty awesome. I'm excited for this next year to see how we grow and and what we do next! 


Watch Your Habits. Not Your Weight.


All of this 🙌. Here's a little truth for you. Last summer I stopped eating sugar. Well, almost. Besides the occasional spoonful of coconut butter and cookie, I really did cut it out.
I made a habit calendar and tracked down a handful of #habits I wanted to improve upon

-> less time on my phone, spending time outside, meditating etc. I made a point not to weigh myself or take pics, but just to stick to these few habits every. single. day. Sure enough, my weight started dropping and my energy went up, my strength has increased, my overall happiness and mental state has gotten better and better. All because I stuck to these habits.
I'm starting a new calendar with my gym @crossfitpalmbeach and will continue to watch what I eat, but I'm also removing screens from the table, and adding some reading and gratitude journal.
I hope your resolutions are strong and wish you consistency throughout! Let's make 2018 the best year yet!